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Mobile SEO Services

Mobile SEO Services

Today, as mobile search is becoming ever more popularized, it is increasingly crucial for businesses to incorporate SEO strategies that are specifically tailored to mobile-friendly websites.

The experts at Rank Media are equipped to help your company design a custom strategy that will take the mobile landscape into account.

The almost constant connectivity of your customers on smartphones and tablets nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week, creates many more marketing opportunities for your business. Rank Media’s mobile SEO services can help you capitalize on this situation and turn these mobile searchers into paying customers.

  • Studies by BIA/Kelsey indicate that approximately 25% of overall search queries are now on mobile devices, and these mobile searches will overtake PC searches by 2016.
  • According to eMarketer, in 2014, consumers in the U.S. spent more time on mobile devices than on PCs: approximately three hours per day.
  • ComScore’s 2013 Mobile Future in Focus calculated that 58.7% of smartphone users perform searches on their devices, and 73.9% of tablet users access search engines.

Currently, there are still more local search queries being performed on PCs and laptops; however, the number of searches performed on mobile devices is growing steadily and will soon exceed traditional desktop searches. Clearly, a company striving to remain competitive in the new online arena must implement SEO strategies to optimize their website for mobile devices.

  • A recent study by ComScore in partnership with Neustar Localeze and 15 miles demonstrated that nearly 80% of local services on mobile devices turned into purchases, with 76% of these purchases occurring on the same day and most (63%) within just a few hours.
  • The conversion rate for local searches performed on PCs is 61%, 64% on tablets, and 78% on smartphones.

Since mobile SEO has a higher conversion rate than desktop searches, it is especially important for companies to attract these potential customers. Mobile users prefer websites that contain valuable information optimized for proper display on their devices, so maintaining a mobile-friendly site for your business is of paramount importance.

  • According to Bright Edge data, mobile implementation errors cost websites 68% of organic search traffic.

Obviously, it is important for businesses to get the right advice regarding mobile search engine optimization. There are many ways to implement a more mobile-friendly website for your company, and Rank Media can offer you the tools to achieve this goal.

In April 2015, Google announced that it would be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, meaning websites that lack a positive experience for mobile users will surely lose out to competitors.

Today, a website’s ability to provide an excellent interface for mobile devices will greatly affect its ranking position on Google’s search engine. This makes the use of mobile SEO services even more important for the average business online; soon, those who fail to adopt these important new measures will be left out in the cold.