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App Store Optimization Services

App Store Optimization Services

App store optimization is one of the most cost-effective ways of acquiring more app downloads. There is no reason for anyone with an app on the market not to hone these powers! Effective app store optimization involves multiple complementary strategies, and can significantly increase the chances of your app being discovered through those app store searches that literally everyone conducts. An optimized app store can also be integral to pushing your app higher up in the ranks—think of the whole process as SEO, but for your mobile app.

By taking advantage of the right app store optimization company, you can increase the number of people downloading your app in a matter of days: everyone wins. But when you don’t know what to focus on, it can cause your app to get buried among the millions of other less-than-optimized apps out there. At Rank, our focus is always on quality storytelling, intelligent information sharing, and eye-catching visuals that engage potential users. Human beings need to be engaged; this will never be old news.

ASO services we provide

From sales and review analytics to usage tracking, hourly ranks, ads performance if applicable, and featured reports, if any, we take into account all data about your app that is currently available.

A review of your competitors’ presence

A review of your competitors is an essential and necessary step in the launching of your app. It involves assessing your competition’s weaknesses and strengths and by extension, yours as well. How is your idea unique? What makes it special? We can help shed light on these questions if need be.

Strategic text and creative visuals

The average user takes 3 to 6 seconds to decide whether they want to download your app. Once users have found your app, the challenge is getting them to download. This is where the engaging narrative and alluring imagery come in and highlight your app’s unique selling points to engage would-be users.

A boost in your app’s organic discoverability

Get more organic downloads every day with app store optimization services that fit your app store just right, and a social engagement strategy that is perfectly geared to successfully boost the hype around your app.

A higher conversion of app store browsers to active app users

Transforming those wayward browsers into tangible conversions is the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Our team of experts make it happen by merging the above-listed strategies in just the right proportions to best suit your app.

Continuous monitoring of your app analytics

App store optimization agencies worth their salt knows that for ASO services to be truly adequate, continual, ongoing monitoring of your analytics is necessary. Why? To ensure your app is ready and able to adapt to all market changes or other relevant factors at play.

Optimized content

Strategically selecting the most searched for keywords is necessary when describing your app. There is a science to the process of changing and optimizing a mobile app’s metadata—such as the title, description, icon, etc. Doing all of this not only improves your app’s image but also goes a long way toward effective app store optimization, of course!

Higher rankings for keywords

You are only allowed 100 characters, so it’s important to choose wisely! Picking the best keywords for your unique app store requires understanding seasonal changes, your market, your competitors, and popular search phrases. We can help.

Reviews and ratings become a source of invaluable info

Review and rating analyses are critical to app store optimization. By analyzing what people are saying about your app, we can quickly understand how users view its features and functionality across releases and gain insight from their feedback. We can then leverage this information to bolster your app store search rankings.

Increased organic downloads

In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear, the main advantage of ranking higher in search results is a much sought-after increase of organic downloads. Effective ASO services can quickly change the amount of passive revenue an app generates for you.


  • The number of available apps in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 3.5 million apps in December 2017, after surpassing 1 million apps in July 2013 (Statista)
  • A good first impression will increase conversions by 35% (StoreMaven)
  • The age group that spent the most time on apps monthly in the US in 2015–youth aged 18-24. On average, they spent 90.6 hours on smartphone apps, and 34.7 hours on tablet apps (comScore)