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Amazon SEO & PPC Services

Amazon SEO & PPC Services

Amazon is a simple and direct way to be found and to grow a lucrative customer base. We can help you achieve just that by showing you how to create an Amazon SEO & marketing strategy that truly works in your favour.

The great thing about Amazon’s search engine, also known as A9, is how simple it is. Amazon provides a very user-friendly interface that allows sellers to fill in the data relevant to their products, and once you do, it becomes very easy to implement any changes. However, because A9 is an ever-evolving algorithm, updates occur frequently and without much notice, which can be frustrating for sellers trying to optimize their visibility, grow their business, and supercharge their Amazon SEO campaigns.

It’s important to note that optimizing for Amazon and traditional SEO for Google & Bing are very different, in the sense that while harnessing your SEO potential has to do with anticipating would-be customers’ cursory searches; people conduct direct product searches using Amazon. In other words, they go in knowing exactly what they’re looking for, in contrast to a Google search, where most people are open to checking out product reviews, articles, blogs, and more before making a purchase.


of web shoppers use Amazon as their starting point.


of all holiday eCommerce sales in 2017 was conducted on Amazon.

300 Million

active users on Amazon as of 2017.

Amazon Listing Optimization

The importance of Amazon listing optimization (aka Amazon SEO Services) for your products is no small thing. From your product titles to the bullet points that detail any special features, to your product descriptions themselves, the devil is in the details. As always, quality content is key across the board. Your product title will have the greatest impact on search performance, which is why it should contain information like the brand, product line, material or key feature, product type, color, size, packaging, and quantity. We can help you accomplish this with the right word order, and without any unappealing keyword stuffing. Your Amazon Keyword Rankings will thank you!

Boosting Amazon Product Rankings

Apart from optimizing those integral product listings, it’s also important to use high-quality photos if you’re committed to boosting your Amazon product rankings. By using high-quality images of 1000 x 1000 pixels, you can enable the zoom feature, which allows buyers to see your products up close and in detail.
Taking advantage of Amazon’s highly advanced fulfillment network can also help benefit your business: you store your goods in their fulfillment centers, and they’ll pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products, helping you reach as many customers as possible and hiking those rankings up even further.

Amazon PPC Services

Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns let you pay for exposure if your products aren’t getting enough organic traffic. However, there is most definitely a right and wrong way to undertake PPC advertising. The right way is infinitely more profitable, while the wrong way can be costly without much to show for it. To stay sharp on your Amazon PPC skills, it’s important to keep up to date with changes to the platform. At Rank, we’re all about finding the best, most current strategy for your needs.
There are 3 main Amazon advertising formats:

Sponsored Products: Here, keyword targeted ads show up above organic search results. These sponsored products show the ad copy messaging, product image, product name, and Amazon rating.

Headline Search Ads: In this option, keyword targeted ads appear above search results. A 50-character message followed by the product image is the maximum ad unit allowed.

Product Display Ads: These ads target products, and show up on related product detail pages. They are capable of generating a great deal of traffic and are most effective when carrying out an awareness campaign.

Let our pro team help you determine which paid Amazon marketing strategy is best for you, and watch your business flourish.

Influencer Marketing

Reaching out to key influencers to promote products is one of the most popular and effective marketing strategies out there. Not everything is a numbers game; sometimes working smarter trumps working harder. This means that reaching out to even one key influencer in your industry can make a huge difference. It’s no wonder, then, that Amazon marketing has made a move into the world of social influencers. The company is now offering Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram influencers the option to set-up a simple storefront on Influencers can send their audience to these storefronts to buy products they recommend. This is terrific if you’re on the influencer marketing bandwagon. Our Amazon marketing consultants can help you get there.


  • Amazon is consulted by 56% of web shoppers as their starting point. (Kenshoo)
  • Amazon captured between 45 and 50% of all holiday e-commerce sales in 2017. (MarketWatch)
  • Amazon has 300 million users, as of 2017 (Business Insider).