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Influencer Marketing: Reach Millions & Go Viral

Influencer Marketing: Reach Millions & Go Viral

Pushing Your Brand to the Forefront

Word of mouth has long reigned supreme as a natural way of generating new customers, and influencer marketing is the modern, digital version. 

People trust people. Think about it. It’s the reason you look at reviews before going to a new restaurant or ask your friends for advice when looking for a new smartphone. We all seek reassurance that a potential service/product is well-endorsed and recommended. It’s natural. 

With influencer marketing, brands can hone in on this trust-seeking by using respected influencers to advocate their products and services to an engaged audience. 

By using personalities with a following that matches your target demographic, brands like yours can use an influencer’s voice for promotion on social posts, blogs, videos, photos, podcasts, and more.

Rank Media’s in-house influencer marketing service helps brands develop and manage influencer marketing campaigns. Over the years, we have used our thorough process to create authentic impressions by targeting an influencer’s audience with personalized messaging.

Power of Influencers

The power of influencers is something that’s only been realized In the past few years, and thousands of companies, from all industries (tech, fashion, beauty, automotive, and more), have now started to capitalize on influencer marketing’s newfound popularity.

Want to build your brand? Generate awareness? Connect with new audiences? Gain followers? Drive traffic? Influencer marketing can be the gateway to getting your company real results. 

Influencer marketing delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing 

70% of teens trust influencers more than traditional celebrities

Influencer marketing campaigns generate $6.50 for every $1 spent

74% of people use social networks to guide them to purchase decisions

50% of consumers will take some action after reading a positive review

Benefits of Hiring An Influencer Marketing Agency

You might be thinking that influencer marketing seems like an easy win. But without the contacts and experience in targeting the right audiences, influencer marketing is a difficult nut to crack. 

The difference in enlisting the services of an influencer marketing agency like Rank Media, you ask? We have access to a database of influencers and have developed long-lasting relationships with established socialites. 

Instead of scarcely commissioning meaningless, untargeted shout-outs, we believe in creating unique, long-standing partnerships between brands and influencers.

Whether you want to partner with a celebrity influencer who can broadcast your brand to an audience of millions or reach a micro-influencer who focuses on a specific niche and has a very targeted audience, Rank Media can help. 

Our Influencer Marketing Services

Rank Media provides a beginning-to-end influencer marketing service. From strategy development and sourcing the right influencers for your audience to tracking the success of and optimizing campaigns, we provide a full service so you can relax and focus on supplying the orders.

Positioning & Competitive Analysis

As with any marketing campaign, the Rank Media process begins by acknowledging what your goals are. Doing so shapes the entire strategy and makes measuring the campaign’s success far easier. 

Influencer marketing can be used to support an array of different goals, whether it be building brand awareness, generating leads, increasing engagement, or boosting sales. 

With your goal-setting complete, it’s time to select a type of influencer marketing that best suits your company and goals. There are numerous ways brands can use influencer marketing, each coming with their benefits: 

  • Giving freebies to influencers in exchange for a mention.
  • Featuring your brand on influencer blogs or social channels with paid, sponsored posts
  • Giving influencers a unique discount code to share with their audience. 
  • Enlist influencers as affiliates, giving them a percentage of sales they generate. 
  • Guest posting on an influencer blog.

Media Kit Development & Asset Creation

Media kits are an essential part of life as an influencer. Not every influencer has a constant demand like Kylie Jenner and Cristiano Ronaldo, two of the highest-earning social media influencers. 

Media kits are a way of developing connections with potential brands. But they aren’t just for influencers – brands should use media kits when proposing collaboration work, too! 

Often is the fact, especially for companies in their infancy, that influencers decline to work with certain brands due to an unfitting aesthetic or a misalignment in audience. A media kit works to prove why your brand is worthy of the influencer’s followers and coverage they’ll provide. 

What to include in your brand’s media kit

To develop a media kit for your brand to reach influencers with, certain information is necessary: 

  • Company bio: Offer a company background that outlines products or services, the founding of your company, and who some of the key players are.
  • Company stats.
  • Define your target audience to see if the influencer sees a clear match with their audience. 
  • Websites you’ve been mentioned on and influencers you’ve worked alongside. 
  • Branding guidelines
  • And, of course, contact information. 

Rank Media’s creative team can make compelling media kits that paint a picture of your brand’s story to appeal to the influencers that matter most. 

Prospecting & Outreach

With your audience clearly defined, you can finally start seeking out the influencers who will help reach your goals. Influencers come in all different shapes and sizes and cover an array of different areas. To give you an idea of the options available, influencers can fit into any of the categories below:

  • Bloggers
  • Social Media stars (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) 
  • Celebrities
  • Industry experts
  • Real customers
  • Non-competing brands (brand partnerships) 

At Rank Media, we don’t rely on a closed network of influencers – doing so would only limit your options. Software has made it easy to filter through waves of influencer data, but it’s what you do with the data that counts.

Instead, Rank Media takes a human approach that looks beyond the size of the influencer’s audience and pays closer attention to whether the audience matches with what your brand is looking to reach. 

Yes, software can tell you the frequency of posts and engagement levels, but our team is well-placed to hand-select influencers whose tone of voice, aesthetic, and personality best matches your brand – things that software fails to capture. We dive deep into the audience to ensure the influencers are experts in their respective niche and have an audience that is a good fit for your brand. 

Your influencer/s of choice shouldn’t just have appealing content and an infectious personality, they need to have an audience that makes sense for your brand, too.

Tracking & Optimization

Once influencer marketing campaigns are launched, seeing your product or brand mentioned by a social-star can almost feel like an immediate win. But the real success of the campaign is determined by the goals set at the start – and that’s what Rank Media is most interested in. 

When we form an influencer campaign, we always do so with your objectives in mind. 

Plain-to-see metrics about engagement are, of course, an indicator of success, but do not quantify the ultimate success of a campaign. Our influencer marketing experts have managed many campaigns over the years, and the objective is rarely to ‘reach 2,000 likes’ or ‘get mentioned in 50 stories’. Rank Media’s thorough analytic interpretations allow close monitoring of the things that matter most.

  • Brand awareness can be tracked by the amount of website traffic, profile views, social mentions, and time spent on site.
  • Audience building is all about monitoring increases in followers. 
  • Engagement can be monitored by looking at the volume of shares, comments, and likes the social posts receive.
  • Lead generation tracks the number of click-throughs to the specific product/landing page. 
  • Sales are likely to be the be-all-and-end-all of your campaign and can be divided between new and repeat customers. 

Once complete, we don’t just present you with figures or a thick report filled with meaningless statistics. We use the data pulled to understand what worked and the demographic reached to improve the success of any subsequent campaigns.