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Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon

Dual Portal Strategies

Choosing the appropriate portal and proper fulfillment strategy is crucial to a company’s Amazon success. By conducting a profitability analysis, our team will identify which method is right for your products.

Booting Up

Before you make it big on Amazon, you’ll need to prepare your team for success. We’ll set you up with access to your portals, and ensure that your product line is fully protected by Amazon’s brand registry program.

Seller intelligence

Sellers who don’t abide by your MAP price policy can be detrimental to Amazon sales. We’ll keep your price point high and the competition low with our technology and data.

Marketing Strategies & Execution

PPC targeting on Amazon is a significant value-add no company should leave behind. By defining the proper ratio of offensive and defensive spending, we’ll deploy your marketing spend across various ad types to achieve the results you need.

Listing Optimization

From the backend keywords and category approval to front-facing content modules and enhanced branding, we’ll thoroughly optimize your entire product catalog, ensuring your listings stand out and properly convert.

Actionable Reporting

Each month, we’ll present you with the clear, straightforward data you need to make those significant business decisions. Our in-depth reporting gives your team the tools to properly adjust and monitor your Amazon listings!

Inventory Support

We won’t be unloading your shipping containers, but we will be available to audit your supply chain. We’ll help manage your inventory levels and forecast growth, providing you with as much inventory support you may need.