Retarget and Remarket | Rank Media

Web stores, emails, and social media offer clients tons of exposure to smart, marketing-oriented companies. This same saturation of specials, banners and colours is the reason behind low turnovers, abandoned e-shopping carts and a perhaps overwhelmed online shopper. This is definitely an oversimplification since there are endless reasons why a client would walk away without making a purchase. But, it helps me easily transition into my topic, the value of re-introducing your wares to a client who has visited your site.

Retargeting has become the backbone of many successful marketing campaigns. Through the use of data compiling, ads showing items that you’re client has viewed on your site will be placed on his or her browser. There is huge (and proven) potential for gain behind this idea and many online companies like Beyond the Rack and Frank & Oak use it to keep clients constantly viewing their wares.

Remarketing, whether in it involves lead generation or email marketing, has some pretty interesting numbers to support its success. Finding out what your client was looking for and why he or she didn’t purchase it can help you approach them again, and probably get the sale. Recent polls suggest that between 19-26% of clients that abandoned their online cart completed their purchase after receiving a remarketing email. That’s close to one in four people, which is a pretty large number to ignore.

Intelligently reintroducing yourself and your services will ensure that your client won’t forget about you. It is part sales, part communication, and part branding; this formula has become an indispensable tool to online businesses across North America.

If you’re scratching your head wondering why you aren’t converting as much as you should, it’s time to join a winning trend in online marketing. A carefully introduced retargeting campaign is sure to yield positive results for your company.