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Amazon Marketing Advice to Deal With COVID-19

By: Rank Media

There is no questioning the severity of the current pandemic and Covid-19 will undoubtedly test us all. But, as is the same in any crisis, businesses who bury their head in the sand will inevitably come unstuck, while those who seek opportunities and innovate will make it out unscathed.

It might feel like the control you have is evaporating by the hour, but making the effort to prepare your business for a successful return is the best way you can take back control. In a period where many are standing still, it’s time for your business to up the ante, build your brand, and think long-term. 

Despite the stream of new restrictions being put in place to ensure community safety, the good news is that there’s still a lot you can do. 

In this post, we’re specifically looking at the fruitful options Amazon provides.

With the world self-isolating and brick and mortar shops closing, online shopping is soaring. 

In between watching The Office for the 32nd time and baking another batch of cookies, most are filling their free time with retail therapy. And as the internet’s largest marketplace, Amazon alone has seen a mass increase in traffic and conversions.

Such is the surge, Amazon has added 100,000 new distribution workers across their United States fulfilment centres! For product-based businesses, it’s clear to see the much-welcomed revenue source Amazon can provide through these trying times. 

Improvements to Make to Your Amazon Listings

Rank Media is an expert and leader in Amazon marketing and product optimization. We’ve been working closely with Amazon clients for over a decade and pride ourselves on the range of businesses we’ve helped.

Whether you’ve never even used Amazon, or are looking to bolster your Amazon sales in the face of coronavirus, our experts have put together some simple improvements you can make to your Amazon listings:

Optimize Listings

Make sure your product listings are well optimized. This involves writing unique descriptions, optimized titles, engaging content that ticks the box with Amazon’s ranking algorithm, high-quality imaging, and placing products in relevant categories.

Deploy A+ Content

Amazon A+ Content allows sellers to describe product features in an advanced way with detailed descriptions, videos, high-quality images, charts, and custom copy. Did you know having A+ Content can increase conversions from an average of 3% to 10%? 

To enable this additional visual content on your product pages, you need to be registered with and approved by Amazon’s Brand Registry. We recommend you do this ASAP to plump up your product listings!

Review Generation 

Even if they’re not buying, a great way for consumers to support their favourite businesses through these times is to leave a review. Reach out. You might be surprised to see just how many people help you with a positive review. After all, they’ve got the spare time to do it! 

Remember, more than 90% of shoppers say reviews impact their buying decision. So act now! Having some extra 5-star reviews on your product could be the difference between you getting a few extra conversions and not.

Technical, Advanced Amazon Marketing Support

Rank Media’s Amazon team is able to support you with more technical Amazon marketing such as Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO, and product optimization. We’re here to ensure your Amazon marketing efforts are in order so that you’re in the best position to hit the ground running through this unprecedented time.

Take care of yourself, take care of your brand, and you will get through this.

If you are interested in bumping up your business’ Amazon performance now and beyond, get in touch with Rank Media via our contact form and we’ll match your needs with the right service.