Are You Investing in PPC Advertising & Mobile Marketing? | Rank Media

Over the first three months this year, Internet marketing advertising revenues have hit record highs totaling as much as $8.4 billion in Q1 2012 according to the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report. This meteoric rise in revenues can be attributed to the proliferation of technology: in particular, adoption rates for smartphones and tablets are skyrocketing. PPC advertising continues to be the driving force according to the Internet Advertising Revenue Report, whereas display advertising and mobile marketing provide effective alternatives.

PPC advertising still going strong

PPC advertising, otherwise known as search engine marketing, continues to be the largest advertising format in the digital environment, accounting for 47% of the $31.7 billion spent over the course of the 2011 calendar year. This number increased by 27% compared to the previous year and future trends indicate that this number will only continue to rise. Investing in PPC advertising on Google still remains the best method of generating immediate leads and sales in a competitive online environment.


Display and banner advertising remain an effective alternative

Display and banner advertising continues to be a worthwhile investment for companies looking to increase exposure on multiple sites. Advertisements with creative designs and enticing call to actions can help to break through the clutter and drive targeted traffic to your site. The prevalence of display advertisements provides brands with opportunities in the form of retargeting, where you can push ads to users who visited your site long after they left.

Mobile advertising is no longer at the kids table

All recent studies point to the same trend: mobile marketing is on the rise. Revenues generated from 2012 on the mobile platform far outpace the non-existent revenues that were generated through mobile advertising between 2006 and 2009. Local businesses have the most to earn by exploiting mobile technology: location services and geo-targeting can help local brands push their brand name to users within the area and generate immediate business.

Where should your brand’s marketing dollars go?

If you have the resources to spend on all Internet marketing platforms, the better position you brand will find itself in driving new business. However, most, if not all marketing departments do not operate like that, which is why you need to accurately segment and target your market. By understanding your audience behavior, you can then choose which platform works best. For an e-commerce website, generating quick leads and sales through PPC advertising is definitely the best option. On the other hand, your local smoked meat join will be better served investing in mobile advertising. Exploiting the online environment has never been easier, and if your brand isn’t even exploring the opportunities available, you might be left behind when desktop computers become obsolete and Google’s goggles become the latest rage.