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According to research from Wordstream, Google generates over $100 million a day in paid search advertising. This should not come as a surprise to anyone because Google has established itself as the giant in the online marketing world, generating over 5.6 billion ad impressions per day through Google search and another 24.2 billion impressions per day through its display network.

237.9 million daily clicks on Google Ads

Across both the search and display networks, the company generates a combined 237.9 clicks per day, with a bulk of the clicks coming from the Google search network. While the amount of impressions on Google search may be lower than the display network, the click through rate (3.47%) provides advertisers with an incentive to invest marketing dollars into traditional pay-per-click advertising campaigns. As for the display network, the 0.18% click through rate represents an almost 14% improvement compared to a year ago.

13 Million daily conversions through paid search advertising

PPC advertising on the search network yields an average conversion rate of 5.63%, whereas the display network provides a solid average conversion rate of 4.68%. These statistics have increased by over 20% compared to a year ago, which is a testament to advertisers becoming more experienced with media buying campaigns and understanding how to leverage historical consumer data effectively.

Top 10 Industries advertising on Google

The research provided shows a variety of performance metrics such as click through and conversion rates across a number of verticals. For example:

  • Finance: although it had the highest cost-per-click among the top 10 industries, it also provided the most daily conversions with 1.39 million completed sales through the search network.
  • Shopping/Retail: with advertisers such as Amazon, eBay, and Sears spending significant amounts of marketing dollars on Google, this vertical yielded the best click through rate on search advertising with an impressive 5.23%.
  • Jobs/Education: of the top ten industries advertising on the Google search network, this category provided the most daily ad impressions with 660 million.
  • Internet/Telecom: this vertical provided the highest conversion rates on both the Google search and display networks, with an impressive 6.27% on the former and 8.59% on the latter.

The other industries included travel, computers and electronics, business and industrial, home and garden, autos and vehicles, and beauty and fitness.

Google is a money making machine

This research cogently illustrates how Google has become the leader in the search advertising industry and is showing no signs of slowing down. Pay-per-click advertising and display advertising campaigns do require a significant investment from marketing professionals, but they provide lucrative opportunities to generate leads and sales in an increasingly competitive environment.

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