Display Advertising & Retargeting: Market Your Business | Rank Media

Driving traffic to your website through various inbound marketing tactics such as SEO and social media is a great way to generate a presence for your brand online. However, online marketing is not all about driving traffic to your website. While it’s an integral step that should not be overlooked, investing in conversion and performance strategies based on display advertising and retargeting can help you achieve your desired return on investment.


Bring window shoppers back to your website

Even after driving traffic to your website through SEO and other inbound marketing efforts, typical “window shoppers” are likely to leave without making a purchase to evaluate alternatives before making a final decision. Through display advertising and retargeting, you can capture information about your website’s visitors and display ads to them on other sites, enticing them to transact with your brand.Studies have shown that retargeted users are 70% more likely to return to the original site and complete a purchase.*

Display advertising is flexible and helps generate brand awareness

Display advertising can be very robust and push specific messages based on the pages and/or products visitors to your site previously viewed. For example, users who viewed various computers products from an online retailers may get a different ad promoting an offer than users who viewed video games from that same website. Retargeting allows you to leverage the ability of pushing specific ads catering to unique target audiences and allows you to market offers that cannot be seen by regular visitors to the site.

Setting up a retargeting campaign for your business

A retargeting campaign can be an exhaustive and expensive process to manage by yourself. The logistics of a campaign for a website with various product categories might prove to be too difficult to manage. Seeking the advice of experienced professionals and contracting the work out to capable agencies in this field will save you time, money, and the headache of coming up with creatives. It will also prove to be cost effective to have experts the drive traffic back to your site to increase conversions and sales.

 *Source: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/leveraging-your-seo-for-search-retargeting