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Create a Buzz for Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

By: Rank Media
Create a Buzz for Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is quickly becoming a powerful digital marketing tactic for businesses to increase brand awareness, reach niche audiences, and open up new channels for revenue generation. Social influencers and content publishers with a sizable audience have the ability to promote your business in a positive light, creating a wealth of content that will be shared by their loyal followers.

Influencer marketing is highly effective for brands is because notable bloggers develop a loyal audience  by publishing a steady stream of interesting content. While paid media advertising is essential to create awareness, some people tune ads out on a regular basis. On the other hand, content published by influencers is seen as more organic and is considered a form of earned media.

Latest industry trends support the belief that this online branding tactic will become integrated within strategic marketing initiatives. The statistics include:

  • 92% of consumers have more trust for a peer recommendationthan a message directly coming from a brand.
  • 78% of online users will research a product, service, or company before making a final purchase decision.
  • 33% more sales are driven via brand ambassadors than average customers.

We have embedded a presentation below that highlights our process for developing influencer marketing strategies, the types of campaigns that can be launched, and the key benefits from blogger outreach initiatives.

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