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The online marketing environment continues to evolve as more businesses realize the growing potential of advertising to targeted audiences in a more cost-efficient manner through selected channels. Below are 13 powerful digital marketing statistics that will help generate buy-in from executives and/or colleagues that may not be aware of how much potential there is online. 

General Online Marketing Figures:

  • $135 billion dollars in advertising spend will be used on digital marketing assets.
  • 25% of the entire advertising spend market will be driven by Internet marketing.
  • 78% of chief marketing officers believe that creating custom content will be on way to succeed online in the future.
  • Budgets for social media marketing activities are expected to double over the next five years.
  • Combining social sharing option within email marketing messages can bump click-through rates by 158%.
  • Content marketing is becoming more important as evidenced by the fact that 50% of companies are leveraging this growing online trend.
  • 72% of marketing professional are planning to increase pay per click advertising spend this year compared to last.
  • Roughly 33% of all traffic originating from organic search on Google goes to the first listing.

Acquisition and Conversion Figures:

13 Amazing Digital Marketing Stats to Power Your Online Business

  • 52% of all marketing professionals found a customer via Facebook’s social media platform last year.
  • Blogging more often can lead to increased lead generation: B2B companies generate 67% more leads than businesses that do not blog.
  • 43% of all marketing professionals were able to effectively leverage LinkedIn’s social networking capabilities to generate customers.
  • A video used strategically on a landing page can help increase conversion rates by 86%.
  • Inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional outbound tactics, proving the value of investing in SEO, social media, and content marketing.

As these facts and figures above illustrate, online marketing is quickly becoming the most essential marketing channel for businesses to generate revenue in the digital era. Although advertising, traditional PR, and even direct response marketing can prove to be effective in different capacities, having an online presence is imperative and necessary to reach your audience.

Source for Statistics: Buffer Blog
eatured Image: Thinkstock