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Generating a steady stream of traffic for a new ecommerce store can be a bit difficult after the initial launch of a website for small businesses, especially for stores in competitive verticals such as the fashion industry. However, implementing a sound strategy that combines various elements of online marketing and sales promotion can help a relatively unknown ecommerce business break through the clutter and capture a healthy amount of targeted, ready to purchase traffic. Investing in online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization and content marketing are necessary in the long-run because those activities help cement real estate online and provide increased brand awareness. Unfortunately for many small businesses, there is a need to generate returns immediately, and while SEO is extremely valuable, it does take a couple of months to generate momentum. So what should ecommerce business owners do in the interim?

An infographic prepared by Referral Candy presents 10 strategic online marketing tactics to help ecommerce stores generate that necessary momentum in the short-term. Of course, some of these tactics are also necessary elements of strategic remarketing and help provide a continuous source of sales generation, such as social media marketing, sales promotion, and paid media advetising. These additional tactics can help to both generate web traffic and convert users into loyal customers, providing business owners an opportunity to generate a healthy ROI. The 10 online marketing tactics to help attract new customers are:

  1. Hold regular sales promotions
  2. Run a competition
  3. Provide free samples
  4. Partner with other brands
  5. Create a wealth of content on a branded blog
  6. Provide new products/services
  7. Leverage paid media advertising
  8. Engage in social media
  9. Provide an incentive for first time purchasers
  10. Incentivize users with customer referrals

Are you ready to turn your ecommerce store into a money-making machine? If so, we can help your business build a successful digital marketing strategy.


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Infographic Source: Referral Candy