Content Marketing is Necessary for SEO | Rank Media

The two major activities of any effective search engine optimization campaign are link building and content marketing. While the former has been the main tactic marketing professionals rely on for creating value for their websites, the latter has become more important due to recent algorithm changes from Google. The following is a quick overview of the inherent benefits in content marketing:

Strategies are Highly Adaptable

If you notice that some of your prime keywords are not ranking highly enough, pushing out fresh content using those keywords can help create momentum for your SEO campaign. Content marketing is adaptable and allows marketing professionals to revamp current strategies and focus on providing a boost to keywords that need help.


Better Protection Against Algorithm Updates

Most notably, the 2012 Penguin update saw changes that assigned less value to ‘spammy’ links, resulting in many website losing their places at the top of Google’s search results. These updates aim to motivate marketing professionals to build links naturally via content creation. Content marketing provides an excellent method to build up authoritative backlinks for your search engine optimization campaign if it is original, fresh, and interesting.

Social Sharing Creates Natural Backlinks

In 2011, SEOmoz released their most recent addition of the Search Engine Ranking Factors: one of the main predictions was that social signals would become more valuable in ranking a site’s authoritativeness and relevancy. Interesting content in the form of blogs and social posts provide brands an opportunity to create social signals by getting their audience to share, like, and comment on content via popular channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Online Reputation Management and PR

Developing brand awareness and managing your online reputation is made easier by pushing out articles, blog posts, and press releases to build up your brand and/or push down negative content. The more viral the content becomes, the more likely it will read and shared, helping any search engine optimization campaign.

Content Marketing for your Brand

Content marketing is no longer a luxury for firms, but rather a necessary component of any online marketing campaign. Link building is still an important aspect to create relevancy for your website, but solely relying on links will not give you enough momentum to rank highly for competitive terms. A healthy balance between traditional SEO and content creation is the key to dominating search results for your prime keywords.