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Social Media Explained With Whiskey [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Rank Media
Social Media - Whiskey Infographic

Social media enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs in particular will enjoy the infographic embedded within this post below. While the social media landscape hasn’t evolved much since the last time I mixed alcohol and marketing together, new players such as Snapchat have emerged, whereas sites such as Google+ are clinging on to relevance. Sorry Google…you just make it so easy to mock your social networking experiment when you continue to disassociate it from your own services.

Note that only a subset of social media sites have been included below. Of course, emerging live streaming applications such as Meerkat and Periscope are conspicuously missing, but that’s because live streaming on mobile devices is still relatively new. Additionally, Facebook is slowing rolling out live streaming capabilities to a limited amount of iOS users and it may only be a matter of time before those features are extended to all iOS and Android. However, it seems like Facebook is employing a cautious approach to making this a standard feature, which may prompt regular social media enthusiasts to utilize other applications. Once Facebook makes the live streaming global, it will most likely claw away at the competition and steal users due to the simplicity of not having to download another application to live stream content, which would be yet another thorn in Twitter’s side (for those of you that do not know, Periscope was acquired by Twitter before it was launched to the public).

And for those wondering about the craze surrounding Peach last month, it does not belong on this list. While it initially created a commotion and became a heavily downloaded app upon its release last month, it turns out that the application is relatively boring despite some of the funky features you can enable. It also turns out that it’s not very engaging if no one you know decides to download the app. So no, Peach isn’t something your brand should hop on and you’re better off not investing any resources into this application.

Now pour yourself a fine glass of whiskey (please don’t dilute the awesomeness by mixing with juice or soda) and enjoy our jazzy infographic on social media below.

Social Media - Whiskey Infographic