Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Trends in 2012 | Rank Media

Online Advertising continues to be an important piece of any budget due to its cost effectiveness compared to traditional marketing strategies and the widespread reach of the Internet. According to the most recent Global Digital Advertising update, digital advertising continues to make progress across all online channels, such as Search Engine Marketing, Mobile Advertising, and Social Media.

Search Engine Marketing Trends

The first quarter of 2012 reported a 16% increase on overall Search Engine Marketing expenditures compared to the first quarter of 2011 in the United States. Google continues to be the dominant search engine with regards to total spend and click market share. This trend extends to most International markets as Google has cemented itself as the leading platform for Pay-Per-Click Advertising. However, Bing is an emerging thorn in Google’s side, increasing their share of revenue from Online Paid Advertising over the past year.


Mobile Marketing Trends

Mobile Marketing is one of the fastest growing segments in the digital industry right now. Mobile spending in the United States currently accounts for 7.65% of all search engine marketing spend and is expected to increase to 16-20% by the end of the year. This is not restricted to North America: mobile spending the United Kingdom currently accounts for 11% of search spend. The increase in Mobile Advertising is a result of conversion rates rapidly increasing and cost-per-click rates decreasing, creating a cost-effective complement to the traditional desktop platform.

Social Media Marketing Trends

Pay-Per-Click Advertising on Social Media platforms is increasing at an exponential rate because of the enhanced targeting options on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In fact, over the past year, the total advertising spend on Facebook has grown by 93%, representing an estimated 4% of entire Search Marketing spend. Further research from BIA/Kelsey echoes similar findings, with projections estimating that PPC spending on social sites will increase to $9.8 billion in the United States alone. The reach and traffic generated by these sites makes Social Media an alluring platform for general and niche marketing campaigns.

Adjusting your Marketing Campaign for the Future:

These trends illustrate that a healthy combination of Search Engine Advertising, Mobile Marketing, and Social Media will provide your brand with the ability to target highly relevant traffic, increase overall brand awareness, and generate new leads. With users become more engaged online, it’s essential to stay ahead of the competition and exploit the limitless opportunities available in Internet Marketing.