Revenue Generated by Ecommerce Marketing Every Second | Rank Media

Ever wonder how much money is spent online every second?

Well Ever Merchant, a real-time ecommerce marketing analytics platform, compiles purchasing data across the globe and breaks it down by platform, vertical, country, and source.  While the data is illustrated pretty quickly on their real-time dashboard, we were able to find a screenshot of the data at the 30 second mark from MediaBisto.

Based on the data below, we see the following:

  • There is just over $1 Million spent every 30 seconds online globally. That equates to almost $3 Billion spent online every single day.
  • The split between desktop and mobile skews heavily towards the former, but recent ecommerce marketing industry trends point to smartphone and tablets making an impact in this regard in the future.
  • The top three verticals for ecommece spending are of no surprise: consumer electronics & appliances, apparel, and media.
  • Alibaba Group, Amazon, and eBay lead the way when it comes to the the biggest ecommerce companies. While Amazon and eBay dominate the ecommerce space in the North America and Europe, Alibaba Group has cemented its position at the top because of its overseas presence.
  • Social media commerce has grown quickly over the past two years, with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter providing brands new opportunities to create new customers and increase the customer lifetime value from existing subscribers.

With this much money being spent online, it might be time for your business to grab a piece of that pie.


Featured Image Source: Thinkstock
Infographic Source: MediaBistro