Readjusting your Search Engine Optimization Strategy | Rank Media

“I’m on the first page for all my keywords but I’m not generating any sales!” Does that sentence sound familiar? Well you may be in a similar situation countless other companies have experienced after launching a search engine optimization campaign. After getting to the first page for all your keywords, do you notice that the traffic is simply not converting? Does this mean SEO is not a sound strategy? On the contrary: the first page rankings and the traffic coming in prove the value of a well-executed search engine optimization strategy. Finding the root of the problem means analyzing your entire online marketing strategy at its foundation.

Optimizing the Wrong Keywords

It’s important to develop a search engine optimization campaign that not only drives traffic, but has the potential to bring in users who are in a “ready to buy now” mode. Otherwise, the traffic you’re bringing in simply will not convert. Employing the help of internet marketing professionals to analyze your keyword list, website’s analytics, and competitors’ organic strategies is a crucial process to diagnose the issues at hand. Readjusting your strategy and identifying keywords that have more potential to generate revenue help provide positive returns on your investment.


Website Issues

If your search engine optimization analysis shows that you have the right keywords in place, then it might be your website’s design and call to actions resulting in high bounce rates. Websites are an investment and should be treated as such: merely spending a couple of hundred dollars will not provide you with the robust platform needed to generate sales. With the help of marketing professionals, you can have a well-designed website with clear call to actions and an easy to use interface.

No Blog or Social Media Platform Setup

Search engine optimization is a necessary investment to create brand awareness and drive in targeted traffic. However, a search strategy might not be enough if you are in a highly competitive industry. Generating more interest and driving in a targeted audience can be accomplished by setting up a blog and creating a community with social media marketing. A blog is a versatile tool that can be used to pull in users comparing products, trying to find an answer to questions such as “what is the best hard drive?”, and creating a platform to engage your targeted audience.

Still Having Issues?

Don’t despair. The online environment is competitive, especially for online retailers. A long-term approach is needed for Internet marketing, particularly when investing in search engine optimization. Pay-per-click advertising can be used to to complement organic search strategies and provide you with a steady stream of revenue if implemented correctly. Readjusting your online marketing plan may be necessary to start earning money online.