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Rise Kombucha

A Fruitful Branding

When it comes to companies that manufacture bottled kombucha, RISE is a step above the rest. A leader in its field, the Montreal-based company produces, sources, and bottles the best-tasting kombucha flavours that are rigorously monitored through keen quality control.

Hoping to come up with a hip and creative branding for its new fruit-based kombucha line, RISE reached out to the experts.

After meeting with the team at RISE, the content and design experts at Rank Media came up with a rebranding that was as fruitful as the new product. Smart, snappy, and casually intelligent, the brand voice and tone reflected the experience, expertise, and accessibility of flavours that defined the brand. At the same time, we added a welcome dose of visual pazzazz to ensure the packaging was as vibrant and colourful as the product itself. 

In the end, Rank Media efficiently brought RISE’s vision to life, ensuring that all the pieces were in place for a wildly successful product launch. 

What Rank Did

  • New Product Brand Development
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Language
  • Website Development