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Buying a Home is a Life-changing Experience...and So is Our Seo Strategy

Realtor is the official site of the Canadian Real Estate Association, and a go-to site for sellers, buyers, and renters alike. As the most popular real estate website in Canada, the website attracts over 200 million visits per year.

To strike iron while it’s hot, Realtor tasked Rank Media with developing a comprehensive strategy designed to increase organic traffic for the website’s visitors. In an effort to capitalize on some untapped potential, our experts opted to focus on creating and developing area-specific pages to capture local searches with high intent.

As such, our strategy revolved around optimizing website structure and implementing beneficial schema markups. Meanwhile, to produce powerful links directing to the site, our skilled copywriters worked diligently to create a series of captivating blogs and informative infographics. Combined, these efforts gave Realtor the much-needed marketing revamp of their dreams… so that they could, in turn, help buyers find the house of their dreams.

What Rank Did

  • Developed a full organic strategy for the website
  • Consulted with technical team on optimizing website structure and implementing schema markup
  • Launched a full content marketing initiative

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