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Representing a company as prestigious as Montblanc requires unrivaled technical skills and a critical understanding of market trends. Fortunately, at Rank Media Agencies, we have those qualities in spades.

Looking to secure a market in the French-Canadian region of Quebec, Montblanc partnered with us to help launch a successful promotional campaign. By utilizing our singular understanding of luxury marketing, we tapped into a local target audience seeking sleek, high-quality products. By the end of our campaign, Montblanc gained a significant portion of real estate for both branded and broad search queries related to pens, cuff links, and watches – and that’s without even mentioning the 730% increase in web traffic.


What Rank Did

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Creation of Online Storefront
  • Successful Engagement of Geographically-specific Target
  • Ecommerce Development (Magento Platform)


Increase in web traffic from organic sources


Increase in the number of orders from all organic search sources


Increase in overall online revenue from all traffic sources

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