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A Re-brand With Extra Crunch

Chocexchange is a curated e-commerce marketplace that makes it easy for those with a sweet-tooth to enjoy the finest chocolate from around the globe! Chocexchange gives chocolate enthusiasts easy access to the world’s best chocolate, without leaving their home.

The e-commerce website got in touch with Rank Media looking for expert branding. In particular, Rank Media’s design team and strategists were enlisted to form a visual identity that included packaging design, website development, and photography.

As chocolate lovers ourselves, we couldn’t wait to get our cocoa-loving hands into this project!

As with all branding projects, our process began with an in-depth discovery session where we explored Chocexchange, its objectives, target market, values, position, and more. This helped us to uncover what sets Chocexchange apart from competitors and what the target market finds appealing.

Our designs are always built on the findings from our discovery session. In this case, this involved creating captivating packaging boxes for Chocexchange’s chocolate subscription service and designing a sleek, easy-functioning e-commerce website for consumers to browse their options.

It was important for us to convey the high-end, natural elements of the product on the packaging, and the final creation showcased a cocoa-like colour (evoking a chocolate mood) with the Chocexhange logo found front and centre. The box’s outer is encased in an abstract design which adds to the luxurious feel and comes complete with a gold-stickered seal of approval!


What Rank Did

  • Visual Brand Identity
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Assets
  • E-commerce
  • Print Catalogues
  • Photography

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