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Recent Study Indicates Mobile SEO Becoming More Important


According to a study prepared by BrightEdge, ranking within the top three organic positions on search engines is becoming increasingly important for mobile marketing. Click-through rates among the top three search engine ranking positions (SERPs) are significantly higher than the remaining positions on page one. However, the drop-off in click-through rates are magnetized after the first page, as it falls by around 50 percent between positions 10 and 11 on tablets, and more than 60 percent on smartphones. As mobile technology becomes more prevalent, even ubiquitous in some locations, it’s important to invest in a sound search engine optimization strategy to capture users from both desktop and mobile marketing platforms. It becomes even more crucial for businesses that survive on local marketing and foot traffic, which is why an optimization campaign that includes Google Places is essential.

Smartphone Owners Browse the Internet “Mostly” with Mobile

Over the past four years, Internet usage has skyrocketed on mobile platforms to the point where 34% of all mobile users do most of their online browsing on their phones. According to a study prepared by The Pew Research Center, those respondents indicated that the majority of their online activity takes place via their smartphones, rarely using other platforms such as desktops and laptops. 53% of respondents indicated that they use traditional platforms more than their cell phones, and 11% indicated that their browsing time is split between both computers and mobile devices. No shock to mobile marketing professionals, the majority of the “mostly mobile” tended to be young adults, mostly falling into the 18-29 range. Based on this data and the advancements in mobile technology, one can only expect the data to skew more towards “mostly mobile” in the coming years.

iOS 7 Launches and Introduces a Flatter Mobile Design


The much anticipated launch of iOS 7 finally arrived yesterday, providing Apple users around the world a lot to talk about regarding the latest updates. Apple servers were tested yesterday, as the adoption rate hit as high as 28%, which is a staggering amount considering how many users had difficulty downloading the update over the past 24 hours. The latest update provides a flatter design and a more seamless transition between mobile applications, introducing a full makeover from the original iOS design. Although there has been some criticism regarding the significant changes and new features, this update points to Apple finally acknowledging some of the latest mobile marketing trends, and the fact that some competitor features were essential to integrate before it fell to far behind the competition.