LinkedIn: How your Brand can Exploit the Social Media Giant | Rank Media

Choosing the right platforms for Social Media Marketing directly affects the success of any campaign. For example, developing a Pinterest strategy for a funeral parlor will prove to be futile and a waste of resources.  A platform that marketing professionals are beginning to incorporate into their strategic plans is LinkedIn. However, businesses are still figuring out how to properly exploit this resource for their brand. In fact, the Social Media giant recently announced that they had over 150 million registered users. With LikedIn’s global reach, active user base, and unrivaled professional structure, the question then becomes: how can my brand use LinkedIn?

Explore New Opportunities with LinkedIn

This virtual networking platform allows your brand to reach out to specific businesses for lead generation purposes. Joining industry groups, participating in discussions, and reaching out to new contacts will help increase your brand’s followers on LinkedIn. This is uniquely ideal for organizations that need to increase their exposure and want to incorporate Social Media Optimization in their sales activities.


Drive in Sales

Although marketing professional still exhibit hesitancy with Social Media’s ability to drive in sales, recent studies have indicated its effectiveness for driving new business. Like Facebook, users can invest in Pay-Per-Click Advertising solutions on LinkedIn, providing users with a direct approach to drive in leads. A recent study indicated that customer acquisition rates were rather favourable on LinkedIn, with 61% of B2B respondents reporting a success rate. Conversely, 39% of respondents reported success with acquiring customers, echoing the sentiment that the platform is more suitable for B2B campaigns.

Recruiting New Talent

Is your organization having difficulties finding the right talent? LinkedIn’s networking platform makes it easier for companies to pick and choose ideal candidates. A study prepared by Bullhorn reported that LinkedIn is the most effective in driving views and applications for job postings. Having a fully branded and optimized profile can improve your company’s ability to attract potential candidates through Social Media.

The Future of LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s future seems rather secure at the moment because of its first-mover advantage among professional Social Media sites. Facebook is attempting to compete with BranchOut, their own professional network, but membership rates still pale in comparison to LinkedIn. As  Pay-Per-Click Advertising solutions become more robust and participation rates continue to increase, LinkedIn will remain an integral component of any B2B Social Media Marketing campaigns for strategies now and in the future.