Instagram Becomes a Thorn in Vine's Side | Rank Media

Vine’s Sharing on Twitter Plummets as Instagram’s Video Launch Proves Successful


Prior to Instagram launching support for videos, Vine was quickly rising in popularity as a social media network for video sharing. Users loved the idea of creating quick six-second videos and sharing to Twitter easily, providing an alternative to the sometimes stale photo-sharing applications available. However, Instagram’s video launch has pushed Vine out of the spotlight, with the latter application seeing a 40% drop in links being shared to Twitter on June 20th alone. However, the death knell won’t ring for Vine just yet, especially if Twitter focuses on enhancing it’s flagship video-sharing product in the embittered battle between itself and Facebook.

Your Facebook Fans Could Already Be Customers

According to a recent study prepared by Syncapse, 78% of a brand’s following on Facebook are already customers. The results of the study are quite interesting because it suggests that social media fan acquisition strategies for major brands should be built on encouraging existing customers to like the brand’s page on Facebook, rather than investing heavily on acquiring new fans. By advertising to existing customers, there is less friction, and in some cases, mild brand loyalty that will drive the cost-per-fan down and help the company build its following on Facebook and other social media profiles. Additionally, the biggest reason why fans follow companies on Facebook is to “support the brand I like”, which shows that brands need to ensure they do not neglect existing customers when rolling out social promotions.

Facebook Brings Brand Protection to their Advertising Products

In an effort to help advertisers protect their respective brand images within the social media site, Facebook announced that it will begin removing ads from Pages and Groups that contain any of the following offensive material:

  • Violent Content
  • Graphic Content
  • Sexual Content

This will be implemented rather slowly, as Facebook announced that the initial reviews will be manual, with an automated process to be developed in the future. Facebook is beginning to increase its efforts to provide advertisers with ease of mind that their brand image won’t be sullied or hurt by being associated with crude and graphic content. This also comes at a time where major Facebook advertisers had suspended their accounts after having their advertisements placed on pages with offensive material, forcing Facebook to find a resolution to keep advertisers satisfied.

*Image courtesy of Business 2 Community.