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Adapt and Overcome: A Guide to Marketing Strategies During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By: Rank Media

A sweeping, global pandemic with major socio-economic ramifications is causing countless businesses to rewrite growth strategies, modify marketing messaging, reduce spending, reconsider go-to-market campaigns, and resort to significant salary cuts – at least temporarily.

Now, for the good news: There is still a demand for specialist talent from those that need it and, for a company’s marketing gurus, COVID-19 is still business as usual.

Indeed, while some businesses might freeze variables like marketing budgets as a reactive strategy in the short term, the fact of the matter is that what your business does next is what matters most. After all, you set the tone for how customers perceive your brand during this crisis of unprecedented scope.

As such, even though much is changing on a day-to-day basis, it is absolutely vital that your business adapts its marketing strategies during this difficult time. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a practical guide to adapting your company’s marketing strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tap into the Digital World

If you haven’t already, it’s time to shift your company’s focus online, as most consumers will be glued to their phones and their screens for the foreseeable future. Rather than market your company’s services in abandoned public places, tap into the digital world to deliver compelling content. During these trying times, brands can provide content that is light-hearted, uplifting, informative and, above all, highly welcome to people who are in dire need of some encouragement.

With the increase of remote working, the time is apt for marketers to turn to digital channels and embrace the online transformation. Use this time wisely; research where your clients can be found online, and come up with different approaches to enhance your company’s success. After all, in the coming months, it is almost inevitable that businesses will become more reliant on their digital strategy than ever. 

Adapt to Thrive

As any marketing expert knows, adaptability is a key factor in resilience. In addition to listening for key changes in customer sentiment and optimizing the marketing budget, companies must adjust their creative strategies in response to the global pandemic. For SEO experts, that means considering how popular keywords (and their intent) have changed since the outbreak, as well as paying close attention to Google Trends. Finally, be sure to adjust your marketing strategy according to territories, as the virus is at different stages in different locations. 

Apply Caution

This tip goes without saying: during this global outbreak, remember to be cautious of consumer sensitivities. Consumers are hyper-anxious at the moment, and even simple gestures or playful humor can spur backlash and boycotts. To avoid any unintentional slip-ups, we recommend keeping your marketing content light and informative.

Maintain Trust

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that priorities have changed for your customers. As such, their trust is more valuable than ever. But how can you build and maintain that trust in the midst of chaos? The answer is simple; listen to what they have to say. 

Social listening is brilliant under the best of circumstances and, these days, the marketing tool is useful for learning how customers feel, and why they feel that way. Monitor client emails and phone calls, and ask sales teams about the feedback they receive. At the same time, marketers have a responsibility to stay honest about what a company can and cannot deliver at this time, even if that means sacrificing some customer relationships. However, setting realistic expectations about service levels will only benefit your company in the long run. 

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Being prepared for a successful return to normalcy is the best way to assert control over the current situation. Think long-term, and use this time to prepare for future marketing campaigns that can be launched when things go back to normal. While companies are scrambling for short-term solutions, taking the time to enhance certain aspects of your business and preparing for the future will significantly benefit you in the long run!

By following these helpful tips, your marketing strategies will be in a much more dominant position when the COVID-19 craze passes. And, if your company is strategic with its marketing plan, there’s no reason why these tips can’t help you achieve long-term value when life gets back to normal. 


If you’re interested in bumping up your business’ marketing performance now and beyond, get in touch with Rank Media! Our marketing experts can help your company weather the storm so that you come out even stronger on the other side.