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Google’s Tasting the Rainbow: Green & Purple Ad Labels Make Appearances in Search and Maps

By: Rank Media
Google's Tasting the Rainbow and Testing New Colours

Seeing new colours for ad labels on Google’s search listings or maps? You’re not the only one. According to recent news, Google seems to be testing out new colours for ad labels on two different platforms.

Google Search Results – Green Ad Labels

Less than two weeks ago, users within the United Kingdom started seeing green ad labels rather than the traditional yellow labels that were first introduced in 2013. As you can see below, the shade of green matches the display URL of each ad to the right:

Since the testing started in the United Kingdom, users in Hungary, Germany, and now the United States have seen similar results. As you can see from the example above, the shade of green makes the listing appear more organic, which might be why Google is testing out this new colour and measuring the click-through rates compared to the traditional yellow icon.

Google Maps Local Finder Results – Purple Ad Labels

Now this update is even more interesting. With regards to Google Maps, the company has made two major changes this month:

  • Displaying ads in the Local Finder results, which are reached after a user clicks on “more places” from the local three-pack on the main search results page.
  • Removing Google Maps’ designation as a Search Partner, which means advertisers that use location extensions can have their ads display in Maps if they opt out of Search Partners

This subtle change can provide advertisers the ability to capture more impressions by having their ads show up in Maps results. Now, here’s the fun part: Google seems to be testing purple ad labels in Local Finder results as illustrated in the embedded tweet below from Twitter user @paidinsights:

The interesting aspect of this test is that both the ad label and the pin marker on the map are purple, making it clear to users that is is a sponsored result.

Why Test New Colours?

Google is always looking to update their platforms based on user feedback, so these tests come as no surprise. Testing new colours could be Google’s way of determining which type of label can deliver more clicks for advertisers, which ultimately means more revenue for the search giant. After recently removing right-hand side ads and adding a fourth ad listing at the top of results on desktop devices, Google may be trying to see which colour can blend the best within search results and/or appear the most organic. It will be interesting to see if these tests lead to new changes within Google’s search results, but for now, the traditional yellow ad label is here to stay. Of course, yours truly is secretly hoping Google goes crazy and tests pink labels, but that’s pretty unlikely.

Have you seen either of the new ad labels referenced above? Let us know and send us a screenshot.