Google Introduces New Reporting Paid & Organic Campaigns | Rank Media

Making lives easier for advertisers, Google has introduced a brand new feature that provides both Adwords and organic data within the Google Adwords reporting interface. Prior to this update, most reports displayed the paid and organic data separately, providing users with limited opportunities to gain valuable insights on user behaviour. With the new reporting update in place, advertisers can compared the performance of a search query for when an ad is showing, when it’s an organic listing, or when both are appearing on the same page.


Short-Term Benefits for Advertisers:

The additional data now permits marketing professionals and advertisers alike to find potential keywords to add to paid media campaigns. By analyzing queries for where your brand only appears in the organic listings, you can see what drives search traffic and add prime keywords directly to your Adwords campaigns. This makes campaign management far simpler for advertisers managing multiple accounts, and as an indirect benefit, gives them insight into their organic ranking performance.

Additionally, advertisers can also improve their search engine optimization campaigns by pursuing pay-per-click keywords that have high click-through rates (CTR). Keywords with a high CTR on paid search provides advertisers with an incentive to boost content marketing and optimization efforts for those same keywords, as high rankings on organic listing will inevitably provide them with a boost in traffic.

Long-Term Benefits for Advertisers:

While marketing professional can profit from extensive data analysis within the short-term, more insight into running PPC and SEO campaigns at the same time can be provided over the long-term. Most users are skeptical about clicking on search ads, but the power of working on search engine optimization while managing paid search campaigns is reinforcing the core benefits of the brand to the end consumer. Seeing a brand appear at the top of an organic listing in addition to the paid listing for a particular keyword will make them more likely to click-through, and if the advertiser is lucky, it will be on the organic listing, which will provide no additional charge to the brand.

*Image Credit to Search Engine Watch.