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Facebook’s Mobile Ad Share Triples in 2013


Facebook’s latest updates to their social media advertising platform are generating significantly positive results for the company, with its global mobile ad share increasing from 5.35% to 15.80% over the course of one year. This recent success has been translating well for the social networking giant, as it has completely erased its poor performance on the stock market and has once again reached a market cap of $100 billion, making those that prophesied its demise earlier this year look a little foolish. Google still has a controlling demand of the mobile advertising market, with over 50% of the market advertising share, but Facebook’s recent gains prove that it will not go away any time soon.

LinkedIn Reveals New Group Pages Design

Continuously updating its user interface, LinkedIn recently unveiled a brand new design for Group pages last week. This streamlined design will considerably improve the user experience, pushing social conversations to the forefront and adopting a comment display more similar to competitors in Facebook and Google Plus. With the rest of the site receiving an aesthetic enhancement over the past year, it was only a matter of time before LinkedIn improved the core of its business social media networking environment.

Twitter Launches “Related Headlines”

In an effort to bridge tweets and news together, Twitter has launched a new feature on its site that will link related news stories to a particular tweet. Rather than having users search on Google or Bing for the latest headlines, Twitter will embed related news articles below the Tweet to give users easy access to a wealth of information. Ever conscious of the user experience, it’s noteworthy to mention that Twitter could have used this space below the Tweet for advertising, but has instead opted in for a feature to improve its site’s functionality….a potential lesson for any social media site that rushes to monetize its site without looking into the potential fallout and negative feedback from users.

Google Plus Introduces Translating Technology for Posts

Google introduced a new feature to its social media platform that will enable users to translate posts in their feed into their preferred language within seconds. This feature will first be rolled out on the desktop platform slowly, and there has not yet been a date announced for when it will be available on its mobile app. However, giving users the opportunity to translate posts to their default language will no doubt increase interaction for international accounts, and possibly eliminate the need for brands to re-post the same content on one page in multiple languages.

Image credit to Mashable