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Vanessa Butler
Content Lead & Branding Strategist
Working as a Content Lead & Branding Strategist within an agency is akin to juggling swords that are on fire. It takes a lot of commitment, knowledge, and enthusiasm to keep it all up in the air and, more than that, you need the right type of personality to make sure the swords don’t drop.

While Vanessa cannot juggle, her years of experience as a senior editor, copywriter, project manager, ghostwriter, and social media manager has made her an excellent addition to the Rank content department.

What You Must Know: She lives a life of balance. She’s met the Dali Lama, and has watched every episode of The Simpsons.
Daily Motivation: Working to redefine the space for content creators in the digital world and my dog's persistent need for food.
Co-worker Kudos: “To quote Gina Carey, ‘A strong woman looks a challenge dead in the eye, and gives it a wink.’"- Stacey
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