$6.9 Billion Spent on Halloween in the US this Year | Rank Media

Young or old, Halloween is a day that everyone seems to enjoy, whether it’s for stocking up on candy or coming up with outrageous costume ideas. However, it’s not often that people delve into the consumer trends behind the festive occasion. Statista, a statistics portal, prepared an interesting infographic going into the consumer trends this year. While the data is largely general and focuses on end-user expenditures, it does provide insights for businesses that depend on the Halloween season as a big source of revenue generation. With that knowledge, businesses can plan strategic marketing efforts to ensure that consumer dollars are going into their pockets and not to their competitors.

Some interesting stats include:

  • Average individual consumer expenditures is expected to be $75.03 this year, a drop from the average $79.82 per person last year.
  • An alarming $330 million will be spent on pet costumes, ensuring that cats and dogs everywhere will be scared on this day.
  • Overall consumer expenditures fell to $6.9 billion this year, compared to $8.0 billion in 2011. This drop can be attributed to a number of trends, but it’s most likely due to the continuing shift towards healthy eating, resulting in less candy being purchased.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Rank Media!